Guest Column

Guest Column: Confessions of a new-age communication firm

By Aniruddha Atul Bhagwat | 2017/Sep/23

Examining how these firms are aggressively trying to find their own identity in the traditional industry environment through a sneak peek at their private diary

Guest Column: Who leads the changing face of southern Indian news?: Chinta Shyamsundar, Brand Consultant

By Chinta Shyamsundar | 2017/Sep/20

Among over 870 channels permitted to launch in India, close to 40 per cent are news channels. Yet, the viewership of these channels account for less than 10 per cent

Guest Column: The 6 critical dimensions of Digital Advertising: Malik Gilani, Esar Media and Advertising

By Malik Gilani | 2017/Sep/20

Consumers have varied tastes and to not be at par with their dynamic preferences is a serious offence in the digital advertising world

Guest Column: Chatbots and AI are rising as financial assistants

By Saurabh Kumar | 2017/Sep/19

In the banking and healthcare sectors, the average time saved per chatbot inquiry compared to call centres is over four minutes and an expected $8 billion in cost saved by 2022

Guest Column: How will Indian millennials shape the course of real estate in future?

By Neeraj Chaturvedi | 2017/Sep/18

Gen Next is knowledge-driven, tech-savvy and influenced by realities like infrastructural development, traffic congestion, crime and security rates and social amenities, all of which will influence home purchases in the future

Guest Column: How technology is changing the landscape for VoD players: Rajiv Vaidya, CEO, Spuul

By Rajiv Vaidya | 2017/Sep/16

The growth of smartphones and the advancement of mobile data are both directly proportional to the rise of VoD in the future

Guest Column: New trends in digital advertising: Umang Mathur, Founder and CEO, i Media Networks

By Umang Mathur | 2017/Sep/15

Digital Advertising wave has hit the country and has hit it hard, but instead of doing damages, it has changed the outlook of advertising today

Guest Column: AI driven virtual digital assistance will revolutionise online and offline shopping: Fynd CEO, Harsh Shah

By Harsh Shah | 2017/Sep/14

Adopting visual search tools for consumers will be inevitable for the online retail sector to realise their ultimate goal - Sale

Guest Column: Market-makers will help navigate the fragmented digital advertising market: Vikas Katoch, Adomantra

By Vikas Katoch | 2017/Sep/13

A market-maker will assist brands with data mining, analytics, programmatic and traditional digital advertising in maximising their impact by personalised advertising.

Guest Column: Staying 'social' with customer service: Anupam Vasudev, CMO, Aircel

By Anupam Vasudev | 2017/Sep/11

Anupam Vasudev, CMO at Aircel, highlights few ideas that can help brands transform their customer service into an amazing customer experience on social media

Guest Column: Role of technology in omnichannel retailing: Rijish Raghavan, PAYBACK India

By Rijish Raghavan | 2017/Sep/09

Brands and e-commerce sites that have begun to adapt to the new and dynamic Omnichannel experience are making all the right moves

Guest Column: Why digital OOH matters now more than ever: Shriranga Sudhakara, Vyoma

By Shriranga Sudhakara | 2017/Sep/08

An estimated growth of 25 per cent CAGR by 2019 for the DOOH sector is also a strong validation that the market landscape is swiftly warming up to enriching platforms and recognizing them as a strategic asset.

Guest Column: The importance of competitor mapping: Vivek Singh, Co-founder, Adby Ventures

By Vivek Singh | 2017/Sep/04

Vivek Singh, Co-founder of Adby Ventures, delves into how competitive mapping technologies are enabling marketers to look at all their competition ads and placements in one place

Guest Column: Why influencer marketing should be part of your marketing campaign: Sahil Chopra, CEO & Founder, iCubesWire

By Sahil Chopra | 2017/Sep/02

People are highly likely to opt for a brand based on the recommendations of an individual they respect and trust and brands could partner with influencers to get there

Guest Column: 3 myths to avoid when marketing to boomers+ and millennials: Stacey Hawes, President, Data Practice, Epsilon

By Stacey Hawes | 2017/Aug/28

With millennials being the most talked about target group, it is important marketers don’t lose sight of current generations that have tremendous spending power

Guest Column: Simplicity is the secret ingredient: Manika Juneja, AVP – Operations, WATConsult

By Manika Juneja | 2017/Aug/26

If you have ever seen a competitor’s campaign and thought ‘why didn’t I think of this?’ you need to follow these seven steps towards simple and effective campaigning

Guest Column: Can the Indian Armed Forces make their brand felt on Independence Day?

By Abhishek Gupta | 2017/Aug/25

They have not currently managed to leverage the power digital platforms to establish a connection with the target audience

Guest Column: IoT all set to change the Digital Marketing landscape: Rahul Ramachandran, Manager – Branding & PR, Great Lakes Institute of Management

By Rahul Ramachandran | 2017/Aug/23

While the question of ethics, privacy and security are still under questionable turf, Internet of Things has already started acquiring its space in the world

Guest Column: Five best practices for content marketing: Vishal Gupta, co-founder & MD,

By Vishal Gupta | 2017/Aug/22

Instead of selling a brand to consumers, companies should focus on building a relationship and see how every piece of content either educates, empowers or entertains the consumer on a day-to-day basis, says Gupta

Guest Column: Digital Ad Fraud, the biggest threat for marketers today: Sachin Uppal, CMO, Play Games24x7

By Sachin Uppal | 2017/Aug/22

Bot-driven traffic, pixel stuffing and other such tricks are outright fraud and make less than 50% of all online ads seen by a real human