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Vicky Ahuja
Director, Marketing & Sales, Baggit

The OOH sector is among the fastest growing, globally. Brands and marketers have realized its potential and impact and begun to craft medium-specific adverts. Self-regulation is not only necessary but also essential to growth of the sector. The industry needs to...

Amar Thomas
Head of Marketing, BlackBerry India

Outdoor media industry has to move away from selling space to selling audience. That would be the first step to retain more brands towards it. OOH as a medium is fantastic in some towns and quite a disappointment in others. Cities like Delhi and Chennai offer very few traditional ...

Sunil Kumar Sharma
Head for Marketing (Consumer), Goodyear India

The outdoor industry is quite de-centralised in India. This requires due diligence on our behalf to confirm that we are selecting sites that offer true value. Also, we need to look closely at how we measure success to ensure that it is providing significant return on investment fo...

David Payne, King Lai, Amit Sarkar
CEO, Developing Markets; CEO, Asia Pacific; COO, India, Kinetic OOH

The challenge in India right now, because it is a fragmented market, is that since the licenses being granted by the municipalities are short-term, it forces the industry to think short-term. So, short-term thinking further compounds the fragmentation. This does not drive investme...

Harjeet Singh Chhabra
Chief Marketing Officer, Adlabs Entertainment

Digital can make a huge difference to the OOH industry in the times to come. Over the last two to three years, a huge traction is building up in this segment. The definition of OOH is changing and getting redefined. In the years to come, the support of digital space will be the ke...